Tourist beware, Auto's cheat here… and other news

Tourist beware, Auto's cheat here
By Our Staff Reporter Coming to Bhopal, the lovely city of lake's, one faces the most arrogant attitude of the smiling auto driver.
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Pardhi couple killing: CBI files cases on over 2000 persons
Bhopal, Aug 22 The Bhopal office of CBI has registered two seperate cases against more than 2000 unidentified persons on the charge of killing a couple,
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Namasudra boy 28/5'-9" wheatish good personality, English Medium school, Diploma Electrical, BE Electrical working reliance, Bhopal as an Engineer,
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Bhopal College trains girl student for self-defence
Bhopal, Aug 22 (ANI): With eve teasing becoming the order of the day, a growing number of girls in are resorting to martial arts for self defence.
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One year on from the Orissa massacres, vigils and prayers for …
by Nirmala Carvalho Gatherings in Madurai, New Delhi, Bhopal to remember the martyrs killed in Kandhamal and to strengthen the foundations of coexistence
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Concern over hazardous waste management
Control Board provided some practical examples of disastrous effect of some hazardous waste generated by industries such as Bhopal Gas Tragedy.
Read at The Statesman

Not one man's folly
Jaswant quotes a letter Nehru wrote to the Nawab of Bhopal on July 9, 1948 in which he says, "I know that we are to blame for many matters…
Read at India Today

Water Management of Women
By Our Staff Reporter The women of Bhopal have learned the proper way of using the water. They are now so much conscious and afraid regarding water uses.
Read at Central Chronicle

HC notices to govt over 50 pc poll reservation to women
Malpani and Sanjay Ghatgey – both residents of Bhopal – stating that the MP government's decision to give 50 per cent reservation to women was unlawful.
Read at Press Trust of India

MP returning power borrowed from other states
Bhopal, Aug 21 (PTI) Amid power crisis in the State, Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board (MPSEB) is returning five million units of power daily to the
Read at Press Trust of India


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